Black swans on Belmore Swamp looking south to Beranghi

What is Beranghi?

All 75 shareholders are now part of an exciting new alternative lifestyle community one km from the ocean, and 13 kms from Kempsey. The land we have purchased is the very beautiful Northern hills of Dulkoonghi Ridge...which is a Koori word meaning"disappearing mountain".

From Crescent Head, mist and rain clouds seem to shroud the ridge and make it disappear. The hills themselves reduce in size to the North, as though diving into or emerging from the wetland called Belmore Swamp. The property is stunning covering an area of 1635 acres. Beranghi Hill at a height of 240 metres offers 360 degree views of the entire area.

Shed under construction eastern clearing 2000
now complete with tanks for picnics etc

skeleton of SE shed
2008 New shed on SE corner

The high biodeversity of the property is directly related to the range in habitats, from coastal wetlands to dry schlerophyll forests on top of the ridge. Fauna and flora studies on the property indicate four different threatened species to date. Mature and.seniescent forests dominate significant portions of the area at the base of the ridge with a 2 acre clearing on the Eastern side. Small dams currently exist with plans for bores in the near future.


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