looking north from Crescent Head.  Beranghi at the west


Between Berry's Lane on the west and Loftus Road on the east.

Beranghi looks a lot smaller than it is. A full day is required to do a quick walk along the ridge line and either down to the eastern base and wetland or the western bowls.

This land is truly amazing......especially the wetlands and littoral rainforest on the eastern side.

The wetlands are a stopping off point for many migratory bird species such as brolga & jabiru, as well as the locals, blackswans and many species of duck and waterfowl.

It is believed that the green and gold bellfrog also uses the wetland as its breeding ground, before migrating back across Loftus Road to the Hat Head National Park. Other residents of the wetland are the mildly venomous red bellied black snake and the extremely venomous swamp dugite. Large sand goannas are plentiful on the land. There have been recent sightings of Giant Skink or "land mullet".

This wonderful map was sourced from the Kempsey Historial Museum showing the access to the Beranghi Lands from Cresent Head Road and was dated 1942. This map is part of the Australian Army Survey Map. The faint dahed double lines starting at number 40 travelling up to Number 43 and back around past the old Berry's abattoir site to intersect with Crescent Head Rd at number 00. This clearly shows that this access has been in constant use since the early 1900's.
This Australian Army Survey Map


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