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The straight line in the middle of the wetlands is a man-made drain/canal which runs into Killick creek and then into the Pacific Ocean at Crescent Head beach. Originally this was the start of Connection Creek which was a tributary of the Maria River to the South West.

This tributary cuts off Crescent Head in heavy flood times.Many years ago, Kempsey Shire Council constructed a corduroy ( a paperbark log crossing) to give access to the residents, fishermen and tourists. Eventually this was replaced by under-road drains and tar sealed.

It is obvious in flood times that the natural water course is the preferred one for Mother Nature as it reverts to the original. However, this is not suitable to the Council as it would require high bridges to be constructed. Hence the cutting was made through the eastern side to join up with Killick Creek. This work was undertaken in the early 1900's.


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