Application for Membership in Beranghi Co-operative Ltd Co-operatives Act 1992 (NSW)

Last Name of Applicant: __________________________________________________________

Other Names: __________________________________________________________________

Occupation: ___________________________________________________________________

Full Postal Address: _____________________________________________________________


Address to which notices & newsletters are to be sent: __________________________________

Phone & Email Contacts:__________________________________________________________

1. I apply to be admitted as a Member of the Beranghi Co-operative and to be allocated 1 share, and in
respect of this application I undertake to lodge:-
- The sum of $1,200 as a 10% deposit, in support of my request for a share.
- The sum of $12,000 plus Annual Levy, being full payment of all costs to join the Co-operative in 2022.

2. When/if the application is approved and the share is allocated to me, I agree to pay within one (1)
month the remaining amount of $10,8000 plus the Annual Levy to complete the payment of all charges.

3. I acknowledge that the sum of $12,000 is apportioned as follows:-
(a) Share Capital = $6000
(b) Non-Refundable Joining Fee = $6000 (determined at official Beranghi Meetings - not to exceed $10,000)

4. Current Annual Levy (determined at GMs) = $250 - all as cash.
OR $150 as cash and $100 worth of Board approved goods -
or 20 hours of work at $5per hour on approved Beranghi projects.
Levy is determined Pro-rata for financial year of joining.

5. I acknowledge that the Co-operative may introduce other charges (eg. A Residents Levy) which would
have to be approved by members at a GM but will not exceed $50 week.

6. I agree to be bound by the rules of the Co-operative and any subsequent alterations to the Rules
Registered in accordance with the Co-operatives Act 1992 and I also agree to be bound by the Beranghi
by-laws which are accessible via the Beranghi website.

Please follow the steps for buying a share and submit as required.

Signed: _________________________________(applicant)

Signed: _________________________________ (witness)

Name of witness: __________________________

Date: __________________________________


Please complete and send to: Beranghi Co-operative LTD. Box 374, PO, KEMPSEY, NSW 2440